The Museo Italo Americano founded its classes in 1981 and offers Italian Language classes at two locations: at the Museo Italo Americano in San Francisco and at the Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto. Below are descriptions of the various Italian Classes that we offer. For days and times that classes are held, see Language Class Schedule in San Francisco, Language Class Schedule in Palo AltoItalian Literature and Cinema Class Schedule.

Conversational Italian for Members

Discussions led by Paola Bagnatori are offered FREE to Museo members on Thursdays from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Guest speakers are featured on occasion.


The thrill of going from zero Italian to being able to order ‘caffè macchiato’ at a caffè, to ask for directions to the Colosseo and to greet your newly found cousins in Genova!

Intermediate I & II
Continue to enrich your vocabulary while learning the Passato Prossimo, adjectives and Imperfetto.

Intermediate III & IV
Besides continuing your grammar studies you begin reading short, short stories and after studying the Imperfetto, conditional and conjunctive, you can start writing them.

Intermediate/Advanced Review & Conversation
Converse about Italian art, cuisine, fashion design and opera while reviewing those pesky pronouns, prepositions and the mystifying use of the imperfetto and congiuntivo.

Letture in Italiano
Read contemporary literature by well-known in Italian authors while continuing to learn about the subjunctive and double negative.

Italian Literary Masterpieces in Translation
This course, taught in English, focuses on Italian history and literature as viewed through Italian masterpieces.

Italian Cinema in Translation: Films That Made & Changed History
Discover the magnificence of Italian Cinema.  View and learn about some of the most important Italian films ever made. This class is taught in English.

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Conversational Italian class