Class Registration

You may reserve a place for a class online. Once we determine we have enough students to fill the class we will contact you for payment.

To reserve your spot please visit either the Palo Alto Class Schedules page or the  San Francisco Class Schedules page and click on the class name you would like and fill out the form, please make sure the telephone number you input is a number where we may reach you to confirm and collect payment.

Once you have made a booking you should receive a confirmation email and an email with your user settings. You may review your booking at the My Bookings Page.

You may also reserve a place by calling (415) 673.2200.

Italian Language Classes

The Museo Italo Americano offers a number of Italian language classes at varying levels.
Classes are limited to 15 students with a minimum class size of 4 students.

Our teaching Methods

The Italian language classes offered at the Museo are taught by native Italian instructors who are experienced in teaching Italian to English speakers. The classes use a multimedia approach and emphasis is on conversation from the beginning.

We encourage you to lessen the mental stress of speaking in class with a glass of wine and a bite of formaggio now and then! And… remember, studying Italian is fun, because you learn all about the most beautiful country in the world and its simpatici inhabitants!

Textbooks are available at the Museo ItaloAmericano with the exception of “Nuova grammatica pratica della lingua italiana” and “Da Capo, 6th Edition” textbooks which can be purchased online.

Paid parking is available and averages approximately $5 per class.  Free parking is also available with a short walk of about 2 blocks.

If you are not sure which class is appropriate, please call Bianca Friundi at 415.673.2200 (ext. 103) for placement.

Refund Policy

  • Full refund if the Museo cancels class.
  • Full refund less $20 processing fee for student cancellation before the first class.
  • 75% refund if student cancels after the first class and before the second class.
  • No refunds after the second class.
  • No credits given for future classes.

No exceptions