To contact any of the teachers or staff, click on the name to send an email or call the Museo at (415) 673.2200.

Museo Staff

Paola Bagnatori – Managing Director

Susan Filippo – Assistant Managing Director

Mary Serventi Steiner – Curator

Bianca Friundi – Assistant Curator and Communications Director


Teaching Staff

Karen Antonelli, Ph.D. (Italian Literature, UCLA) – Karen teaches Intermediate and Advanced Italian, Advanced Conversation, Literature and Cinema, San Francisco  Read more

Bianca Friundi (Foreign Languages and Translation, Istituto Universitario Lingue Moderne, Milano) – Bianca teaches Beginning and Intermediate Italian, San Francisco

Francesca Lane Kautz, M.A. (Italian Language and Literature, California State University of San Francisco) – Francesca teaches Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Italian, Palo Alto  Read more

Claudia Vittoria, B.A. (Psychology, California State University of San Francisco)  – Claudia teaches Beginning and Intermediate Italian, San Francisco